Physiotherapy Helps You with Marathon Training

Physiotherapy Helps You with Marathon Training

I started running for fun, health and fitness and of course, to control my weight. I became too good with distance running that I decided to make the transition from pounding the neighbourhood streets to professional running. I’ve always loved watching marathons on the TV as it looks like the kind of sport that anyone can enjoy. I understood exactly what it required and that it would take some rigorous and disciplined training.


I’ve already been running for some time, and I know all about sprinter’s foot that pain on the upper surface of the foot during running. I remember that my foot had been put in a cast for a few weeks to allow healing. All I can remember is that physiotherapy and bio kinetics treatment was essential treatment at that time in the rehabilitation of my injured foot.

Whatever your motivation is for running a marathon, with the right training plan, you can certainly achieve your goal. Like me, you may have bouts of acute and chronic foot pain.

I think that for any runner who wants to achieve their goals and to also arrive at the finishing line uninjured should look at physiotherapy as part of their training programme. This can make sure you achieve your aims with running the marathon and physiotherapy will help as a course of treatment.

Training is crucial for marathon runners and you can’t afford to have a running injury like Achilles tendonitis, knee pain, calf strain and blisters setting you back. Running injuries are common, and while they can be minor to severe, they can put you out of a race. Intervention is your best bet, and physiotherapy can make all the difference between you taking part or failing to participate. It will mean Your Success or failure.

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