Physiotherapy Help to Perform at your Best

Physiotherapy Help to Perform at your Best

Before you take part in any form of sport there are some things you can do to prevent injury. I never used to know about injury prevention – warming up and stretching – and as a result I’ve had to deal with the likes of runners’ knee, ankle sprain, sprinters foot, chronic muscle injuries as well as Achilles tendon injuries. I used to push myself and try to run too far instead of realizing that I should rather be gradually increasing the distances that I was running. No wonder my body responded to this increased workload by giving me stress fractures. I had myself to blame because then a trip to the doctor and to hear that rest is the best treatment.

I was told that healing would take 6 to 8 weeks and that full range of motion and strength would have to be restored before returning to any activity. This was like a prison sentence to a person like me who needed to train for a marathon. It doesn’t take long to do some stretching. Stretching will improved flexibility and this in turn will strengthen your muscles, tendons and ligaments and help limit your risk of injury.


The beauty about physiotherapy is that if you are training for a marathon, you don’t have to be obsessing about injuries. Don’t wait till you are injured – rather see for regular maintenance work. This is so useful because they can help to point out areas that can result in injury, and they will give advice on exercises. They will also recommend sports massage which can help to maintain circulation and also improve range of movement in the muscles and the joints.

For me what worked was to simply schedule exercise, training and a visit to the physiotherapist into my diary in a positive way and by prioritizing my goals, it has helped me to stop being obsessed with injuries.

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