About Me

Hi! I am Emma Watkins, a 49 years old female living in Woking, UK. I’ve had a life-long interest in health, well-being and living a pain-free existence. I’ve come to realize how important it is to take responsibility for your health. Health and wellness is all about restoring health to the sick and injured body. Physiotherapy is like that. Medical professionals work with their patients to help them overcome mobility disorders, which they may even have from birth or because of an injury or just because of the natural process of aging.

Physiotherapy Help to Perform at your Best

Before you take part in any form of sport there are some things you can do to prevent injury. I never used to know about injury prevention – warming up and stretching – and as a result I’ve had to deal with the likes of runners’ knee, ankle sprain, sprinters foot, chronic muscle injuries as well as Achilles tendon injuries. I used to push myself and try to run too far instead of realizing that I should rather be gradually increasing the distances that I was running. No wonder my body responded to this increased workload by giving me stress fractures. I had myself to blame because then a trip to the doctor and to hear that rest is the best treatment.

Physiotherapy Helps You with Marathon Training

I started running for fun, health and fitness and of course, to control my weight. I became too good with distance running that I decided to make the transition from pounding the neighbourhood streets to professional running. I’ve always loved watching marathons on the TV as it looks like the kind of sport that anyone can enjoy. I understood exactly what it required and that it would take some rigorous and disciplined training.